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MANLy Monday: Two Telling Tie Truths

MANLy Monday: Two Telling Tie Truths
2014/11/03 Better Blueprint

{Amare Stoudemire}

Ties are one of the most important fashion accessories for men. Unlike ladies where we can use handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, smartphone cases, belts, etc, the average man has just a few ways to 'make it pop'. If you reside in a city like Washington, DC then the tie becomes even more important because we're looking for something beyond the standard blue suit fare.

There are lots of basic know-how things to remember about ties but today we're focusing on two telling tie truths: your tie and belt should never meet, and while color and width matter somewhat, the texture of your tie counts even more.

Check out the red tie from Hickey Freeman's got texture, silk and stands out simply because you can almost feeeeel it. Can't you?

{photo from Esquire}


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