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What I’m Reading Wednesdays

What I’m Reading Wednesdays
2014/11/12 Better Blueprint

It'snot that I haven't been reading but I've been on-the-grustle [my word for grind + hustle] BIG time these last few weeks and unfortunately something always suffers - in this case, it's my posts and what I've been able to share with you all.

I'm not quite back but I'm getting it together which brings me to my point for this post Everything I'm reading is about motivating me and business practices for client sessions. You'll find most of them pretty quick but super helpful....

  • How To Get Shit Done Even When You're Totally Unmotivated (nectar collective)
  • A Business Casual Dress Code (
  • Fancy Footwear ~ the 5 Shoes for Fall (barneys)
  • Why "Blink" Matters: The Power of First Impressions (
  • Fighting Unconscious Bias at Google (nytimes)
  • The List (about slip dresses) (net-a-porter) ~I've had a fascination with these dresses likely because I've never found one that was flattering
  • 2014 Men's Boot Guide ( ~ whether you love or hate them, every man needs to find his pair!
1414618672755_Fall 2014 Boot Guide Work Boots Johnston Murphy

Johnston & Murphy Weldon Cap Toe Boot