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Accessories Make The Outfit

Accessories Make The Outfit
2015/11/09 Better Blueprint

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There aren't many gamechangers out there for guys so, know this: everyone looks at your tie (bowtie) and pocket square.

Whether you're getting dressed for the holiday office party, getting ready to knock-it-out-the-park for date night, or just heading to the big meeting at work, there are a few ties every man should own. They are...

  1. Red - the red should be a slightly deeper red and focus on a print or pattern that is simple to start. Throw in these knot cufflinks for good measure!
  2. Blue - medium to dark blue is the right answer and opting for no pattern gives is a sleeker appearance! Add some handkerchiefs and, contrary to popular belief, once you've used it, wash it. Reusing it is just nasty.....
  3. Purple - this is the tie that says 'I'm a power player and I belong' and it works best with navy and charcoal grey suits. This pocket square goes perfectly!
  4. Black - everyone says plain but I say add a touch of texture and then keep the suit plain! This tie is for After-5 and semi-formal affairs...and add this pocket square for good measure.
  5. Plaid (stewart or tartan) - this is your holiday office-appropriate look... If you're rocking cufflinks, keep them plain too.

General tie rules to abide by include:

  • Once tied, the tie should barely hit your belt
  • The width of your tie should be in proportion to the width of your lapel
  • Your tie knot should be a four-in-hand but learn at least three other knot options
  • If you do a tie bar, it goes between the 3rd and4th button of your dress shirt
  • Ensure your materials are the same - cotton/linen suit with cotton/linen tie, etc

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