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  • Feb132018

    ties, scotch tape & politics

    We don't need to talk politics but alas your Commander in Chief made a fashion faux pas that requires our…

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  • Nov092015

    Accessories Make The Outfit

    There aren't many gamechangers out there for guys so, know this: everyone looks at your tie (bowtie) and pocket square.…

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  • Aug172015
    dive watch, Girard Perregaux

    Dive Watches

    An advanced 'thank you' to Esquire's Big Black Book for these fun facts.... the 1926 Rolex Oyster is generally considered…

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  • Aug032015
    men's wallets

    When It’s Time To Buy A New Wallet

    Well you’ll know for sure it’s time to buy a new wallet if you don’t have one now. I mean,…

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  • Nov032014

    MANLy Monday: Two Telling Tie Truths

    Ties are one of the most important fashion accessories for men. Unlike ladies where we can use handbags, shoes, jewelry,…

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  • Sep292014

    MANly Monday: Toot for Your Tote

    Well most men don't call it a "tote" but the phrase was cute....right? A splurge-worthy item for any man that…

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  • May192014
    collar stays, titanium

    MANly Facts: Collar Stays

    Men own too many pairs of less-than-useful collar stays. You need just one nice pair since you only wear one…

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  • Aug212013

    Spruce Your Shoes For Fall

    It's easy. It's 'what's hot'. It's inexpensive. It's colorful. Colored shoelaces ~ available lots of places but we found them…

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  • May022013
    Kentucky Derby-races-southern dressing

    Your Clothes For the Kentucky Derby

    If you're not going to Churchill Downs, don't fret. You can look Kentucky Derby-ready simply by following our four step…

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  • Oct192012

    Knot, A Fall Upgrade

    Did you catch my play on words?! Seriously, for men, ties and bowties can be expensive but this new website…

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  • Sep252012

    Power Purchase

    We love silk knot cuff links ~ they are slightly less formal but still mean business, in a more modest…

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  • Mar022012

    A Pocket Square Guide

    Pocket squares are tricky. How do you fold them? Well Brooks Brothers did a terrific illustrative guide on pocket squares…

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  • Feb272012

    Men’s Fashion Is Women’s Style

    Sounds a bit weird, right? But the premise is easy: most men dress for the opposite sex. Ok, there are…

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  • Feb222012

    Just Buy It….

    This briefcase is perfect ~ nothing says "I'm not a businessman" more than a briefcase that can't fit anything. This…

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  • Dec172011

    Mixed Feelings & Patterns

    If you’re going to do mixed patterns, one should be more pronounced than the other Holiday season = party season…

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  • Nov142011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Start your week with this bit of style knowledge: Arm candy is important ~ and we're not talking about the…

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  • Nov102011

    Step 3 To A Wardrobe WInter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 3: Knot This The slipknot is easy, unisex, and stylish...and most importantly, it gets the job done! Every gent…

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  • Nov082011

    BTW – Anyone Interested In the Pacquiao Fight?

    On Tuesday Nov 8th, Vittorio J Group, LLC (VJNY) releases its limited edition Filipino Flag inspired tie.  The tie is…

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  • Oct112011

    Sock It To ‘Em

    Patterned socks are a great way to add a touch of pizazz to your blue suit, or even have a…

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  • Sep142011

    Tie A Ribbon Around The ‘Old Oak Tree’

    A quick bit of style advice regarding which width tie to wear when.... Wide is wack and out-of-date (look around,…

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  • Sep092011

    Are You An Old Fuddy Duddy?

    The other day, a longtime friend Anthony says to me, "Hey I'm an attorney, what do I need to know…

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  • Aug032011

    A Penchant for Pocket Squares

    Suit by Versace. Shirt by Bottega Veneta. Tie by J. Crew. Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Shoes by Bally. The…

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  • Jul062011

    Pocket Square to Suit

    This combo is classically edgy: the neutral suit pairs nicely with the powder blue shirt; and the light yellow stripes in…

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  • Jun302011

    How to Wear a Pocket Square

    This pocket square combination is great: the navy blue plaid works perfectly with the dark tie, and the pink shirt…

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  • Jun142011

    An Easy Win (or Tie) for Father’s Day!

    This grey summer wool tie is available at Figs today only for $60 (normally $75)! An ideal addition to the…

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