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Your Clothes For the Kentucky Derby

Your Clothes For the Kentucky Derby
2013/05/02 Better Blueprint

Kentucky Derby-races-southern dressing

If you're not going to Churchill Downs, don't fret. You can look Kentucky Derby-ready simply by following our four step plan:

1. First, find where they're showing the Derby...not just showing it but actually celebrating it!
2. No matter where you are, plan to sport your white trilby
3. You must have a blazer. If you're south of the Mason Dixon line, you can go with seersucker otherwise, navy blue is your go-to best bet
4. Sport neckwear by Collared Greens, a new North Carolina Eco-conscious brand that has a line of neckwear inspired by famous thoroughbreds (e.g., a pink Barbaro necktie or navy blue Secretariat bow tie).

Now know the odds, vet the ponies, and you're good to go!