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The Strapless Dress….For Now & Later

The Strapless Dress….For Now & Later
2013/05/03 Better Blueprint
strapless 4-n-1 dress from Gap

{It can be worn 4 different ways for one price, $59}

The strapless dress has new life ~ perfect for transitioning into spring with a pretty cropped cardigan but, also for Fall...since Stella McCartney, Dior and others all showed it going from day to night.

Could it really be this easy?

sateen strapless dress for evenings

{a skosh dressier because it's sateen but, a strapless dress is always sexy!}

We already love dresses because they are readymade outfits but, to be on-trend at the same time, give a little fem and sexy, and go from desk to date all at once...?!

Which strapless dress are you adding to your closet? Right now, I am drooling over this one by Black Halo ~ it's bright; it's fitted; it's short; it's sexy; it shows off my assets and downplays my liabilities; and it's on sale at Shopbop!

yellow strapless dress by Black Halo

{short, sweet, sexy & to the point...& on sale}