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TOP 2017 fashion trends: RUFFLES, asymmetry, bowties, ruching

TOP 2017 fashion trends: RUFFLES, asymmetry, bowties, ruching
2017/05/30 Better Blueprint

ruffled flounce dressThey're everywhere you look this season: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much as I hate being a 'slave to the trends', I'm in love with ALL of them. So our next four posts will be dedicated to these trends, where to find them, how to wear them, and what to avoid.

Ruffles are meant to be a flourish -- so going head-to-toe will just have you looking like you belong in a chiquita banana commercial. Rather choose one strategically placed ruffle and the fashion world will bow to you! The H&M short flounce dress above is perfect for petites, small-breasted or athletic shapes. The print creates some interest, the strategically placed ruffle creates a point of focus, and the length says you're as ready for a date as you are to head out for an afternoon movie-in-the-park. BOOM!

Because they're everywhere, focus on H&M, Topshop, Need Supply and even J.Crew (they're trying everything to stay in the game...). My favorite choices to rock this trend are here....