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  • Oct262018

    Fall Must-Have #3: Double-Breasted Blazer

    I love love love blazers....although not the biggest fan of double-breasted options because most styles are too tight around my…

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  • Apr232018

    a spring/summer essential that’s easy to find!

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  • Dec072017

    holiday denim

    Don't we all love denim?! And then when there's already some sparkle added ~ is that even better? So when…

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  • Dec062017

    perfect accent piece for any holiday outfit

    I dig this crystal belt because in my efforts to provide great pieces that can be flexible and cover a…

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  • Jun122017

    4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

    Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more…

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  • Jun052017

    TOP 2017 fashion trends: ruching, ASYMMETRY, ruffles, bowties

    This fashion asymmetry trend is another favorite along with ruching and its everywhere right now: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and…

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  • Jun032017

    TOP 2017 fashion trends: ruffles, RUCHING, asymmetry, bowties

    This is my favorite current trend and its everywhere right now: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much…

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  • May302017

    TOP 2017 fashion trends: RUFFLES, asymmetry, bowties, ruching

    They're everywhere you look this season: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much as I hate being a…

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  • Sep082016

    How To Resist Impulse Buying

    Do NOT be fooled, the secret is simple....but no one wants to share! Remember when your mom asked you to…

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  • Mar252016

    Ready For The Weekend: 70s Style

    When I hear/see/think lame and/or pleats, I am instantly transported back to the 70s and my body immediately starts moving…

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  • Oct052015
    fall flats, perfect flats for fall

    A Fabulous Fall Flats Closet

    Are you looking for some fab flats for fall? Here are 11 pairs of fall flats sure to add flavor…

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  • Jun132014

    Denim Do for Summer

    Denim is an American wardrobe staple and something that is in most of our closets in multiples. However, when summer…

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  • Sep092013

    Warm Weather Leather

    Walk a fine line between summer and fall with warm weather leather... Our recommendation is something buttery smooth like this…

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  • May072013
    sporty spring dresses inspired by street style

    Spring Dresses Inspired By Street Style

    Giovanna Battaglia adds a scarf for panache but the sportiness of spring dresses is evident ~ and will look just…

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  • May242012

    1 Dress, Day To Night

    I love making outfits and different looks! Admittedly, I wouldn't wear all of them but it's not always about me....…

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  • Nov222011

    A Week’s Worth of Neutral Hotness

    Shopping List: Camel suede boots ~ by Pura Lopez ($225) or similar more edgy PL version Blythe shirtdress ~ by…

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  • Oct052010

    Tights for a Tight Budget

    There are lots of items you'll be able to spruce up your fall wardrobe with, but on a tight budget…

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  • Nov302009

    Tough Luck & Tough Chic

    This belt, found at Topshop($80), is a terrific find if you're interested in the 'tough chic' look that is popular…

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