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How To Resist Impulse Buying

How To Resist Impulse Buying
2016/09/08 Better Blueprint
In Style, Style Tips

Do NOT be fooled, tArt in the Agehe secret is simple....but no one wants to share!

Remember when your mom asked you to make a list of what you wanted for your birthday, or your sibling asked for your Holiday Wish List? The concept was simple: create a list that focused your lust!!

A set of pre-determined [and hopefully well though out] items keeps the wandering eye in check. As a stylist, I create an Essentials Shopping List for each client because it (1) helps focus o what's truly missing, (2) it provides direction when they pass a sale rounder or sale sign, and (3) while it doesn't end the impulse spending, it keeps the straying under control.

If it helps, here's my Fall Essentials List:

  1. Bomber jacket
  2. Moto jeans [see below]
  3. Water-repellent boots
  4. Full-length sweater
  5. 2 white/off-white u-neck, long sleeve layering tees
  6. Jazzy sweatshirt [see below]
  7. Pleated midi skirt [see below]
  8. Bold lip [see below]
  9. The perfect jean jacket [see below]
  10. TBD

What's on your list?