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When It’s Time To Buy A New Wallet

When It’s Time To Buy A New Wallet
2015/08/03 Better Blueprint

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Well you’ll know for sure it’s time to buy a new wallet if you don’t have one now. I mean, a rubber band doesn’t count and neither does you keeping your cards in a stack.

Crumpled cash or loose change in your pocket means you’re more apt to lose it if it’s not in one place – a bad look!

If you have a wallet from “back in the day” or something that you recall from your childhood, it’s time for a new wallet.

Last indicator (and the one I suspect hits home for most of you) is the huge bulge in the back of your pants because you’re using your current wallet as storage for anything in the shape of a card – bad, all day!

A few great options to keep you as a “happy dapper” are:

  1. A new slim wallet
  2. Card case
  3. Money clip

Give your pants pocket a break!