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MANly Monday: Toot for Your Tote

MANly Monday: Toot for Your Tote
2014/09/29 Better Blueprint

Well most men don't call it a "tote" but the phrase was cute....right? A splurge-worthy item for any man that says he's ready for work and business is a great briefcase.


Recently, I've been working with several male clients ~ all of which have been in need of a stellar briefcase to compliment their position. As I've shared with them, your briefcase shouldn't say "I've arrived" but rather "I was always meant to be here." The goal isn't to be ostentatious but to get the nod  when placing your briefcase on the table to talk business.

My favorites (forgive me clients for sharing!):

  1. Dunhill traveller briefcase
  2. Tumi leather slim portfolio
  3. Jack Spade marrow briefcase