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buckle up baby!

buckle up baby!
2018/02/05 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style

You know the FOUR steps to get your belt size (it's not your waist size....):

  1. Throw on your pants/skirt how you'd normally wear it
  2. Confirm where you want to wear your belt (note: if camouflage of your mid-section is the goal then go higher up than your natural waist; if your goal is to adorn a tunic and channel your inner-boho then go lower and looser) 
  3. Grab a flimsy tape measure
  4. Thread the tape measure through the belt loops and note the size! Oh yeah - don't forget to note the size of your belt loops too!!

BOOM SHAKALAKA - Step 1 done!!

{photo by Style Du Monde}

Now that you know your size, Step 2 is to confirm what type of belt you want! Points to consider:

  • thin or wide?
  • leather or PU?
  • functional or decorative?
  • for work (so less metalware and decoration) or play (align it with your style personality)

Last step (#3) is which belt you should get...

  1. Always go with leather
  2. Your first two belts should be brown or black, and metallic
  3. Opt for less metalware than more especially if you need it to go more formal
  4. If you're petite (under 5' 3"), your belt shouldn't be wider than 1 1/2 inches
  5. If you're short-waisted then don't go any wider than 1-1 1/2 inches
  6. For the curvy set, your belt should always rest at the smallest part of your mid-section
  7. If you want to camouflage the mid-section then opt for a belt that's around 2-2 1/2 inches wide

Here are a few of my favorites....