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consignment find
2017/04/10 Better Blueprint

Givenchy vintage necklace

Over the years, I've become a bigger consignment store junkie than ever -- some of my best purchases are secondhand or vintage finds, and this latest one is no different.

My golden rule when consignment shopping, accessories first: they're quicker to look through, give you a good indication of what you'll find in the rest of the store, and are those items that are not weight-dependent (so I don't have to try them on to see/know if they fit)!

Saturday between having a lovely lunch at Woodmont Grill and doing laser treatments, I managed to find this vintage Givenchy gold necklace. This is the perfect statement necklace for everyday -- sits just in the crease of your collarbone, is meaty enough to standout but chic enough to blend in, and works just as well with jeans + tee as it does with a professional sheath dress - - WINNING!!