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  • Feb052018

    buckle up baby!

    You know the FOUR steps to get your belt size (it's not your waist size....): Throw on your pants/skirt how…

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  • Nov022012

    Seal The Deal With This Finisher

    Men don't often get the opportunity to "flash" their style prowess but, with a few accoutrements at play, you can…

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  • Aug162012

    Studded Belt = Instant Polish

    A belt works to bring a look together and, depending on the type of belt, you can really kick it…

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  • Dec162010

    It’s a Cinch!

    I am forever telling and showing my clients how you can quickly change up the look of your outfit by…

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  • Feb192010

    Winter Style Tip

    Forget trying to hold it together in the middle of the winter blues -- for instant chicness, simply belt your…

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  • Oct072009

    Dear Blueprint…Need Help!

    Mystery: Hey my closet looks like an Armed Forces officers' closet -- just khaki, grey and black!  What can I…

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  • Sep052009

    During these Times, We Need to Cinch our Financial Belt

    As a self-proclaimed fashionista and shopper-extraordinaire that means finding ways to look stylish and sophisticated while practicing chic-onomics....enter accessories!  While…

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