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Dear Blueprint…Need Help!

Dear Blueprint…Need Help!
2009/10/07 Maya H.

Mystery: Hey my closet looks like an Armed Forces officers' closet -- just khaki, grey and black!  What can I do to add some color really quick and without much hassle?

Solved: First, you need to realize that your closet is likely monochromatic or without lots of color for a reason: either you don't like color, it doesn't look good on you (although I sure that's not it), or you do it for ease of dress.  For our answer, I'll assume, like most people, you do it because it makes getting dressed much easier and hassle-free.  now, the answer..... two fast, easy and relatively inexpensive ways to add color without "ruining" your military scheme are by using colorful belts and scarves!  Add a wide leopard print belt to your black shift dress; or add a spicy red belt to your khaki ensemble; or, depending on your undertones, consider a bright and fun orangeish/rust scarf with your white tee and black pants as we launch into fall!  Done!.