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  • Dec152017

    winter accessory essential

    Another style win ~ on the same staycation with my sister, I scooped a flannel scarf because well....I love scarves and…

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  • Jan282016

    Five Ways To Use A Scarf

    I love scarves but only recently have I gotten into silk scarves - much daintier, more daytime wearable, and more…

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  • Mar312015

    Style Challenge: I’m a Professional Who Wants to Push the Limits

    Are you the woman who lives by day in a professional and fairly conservative work environment but your inner fashionista…

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  • Nov142011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Start your week with this bit of style knowledge: Arm candy is important ~ and we're not talking about the…

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  • Nov102011

    Step 3 To A Wardrobe WInter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 3: Knot This The slipknot is easy, unisex, and stylish...and most importantly, it gets the job done! Every gent…

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  • May032011

    Summer Style Q&A: A Good Shopping Outfit for Summer

    Q: What is a good shopping outfit for the summer? A: Thanks for the great question, Adrianne B!!  Putting on…

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  • Apr142010

    Summer Essential Scarf

    Sounds a tab bit strange but, for those of you who are avid scarf wearers, you know what we're talking…

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  • Dec142009

    Ladies Top Stylish Must-Haves for the Holidays

    While every item may not sit atop your personal must-have list because you have it already or perhaps can't quite…

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  • Oct072009

    Dear Blueprint…Need Help!

    Mystery: Hey my closet looks like an Armed Forces officers' closet -- just khaki, grey and black!  What can I…

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