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Summer Style Q&A: A Good Shopping Outfit for Summer

Summer Style Q&A: A Good Shopping Outfit for Summer
2011/05/03 Maya H.

Q: What is a good shopping outfit for the summer?

A: Thanks for the great question, Adrianne B!!  Putting on the right outfit to go shopping is a great opportunity to boost your confidence and put you in the mood for braving the dressing room and trying on new clothes.  Remember the key to any shopping outfit is definitely comfort and function—easy on, easy off!  Here are some options to keep you chic while shopping:

    Shopping Chic
  • Start you day off right with comfortable, flattering undergarments.  Make sure these items will be appropriate for the type of shopping you are doing (no granny panties, please, when trying on eveningwear!) or bring these items along with you in your purse
  • Try a simple dress that slips on and off (much easier than pants!) or opt for a fitted t-shirt and skirt combo
  • Top it off with a cropped blazer or lightweight cardigan sweater with a cute, yet uncomplicated belt to give you some shape
  • Add a lightweight scarf (These are great when going from the blazing sunshine into the frigid air conditioning)
  • A large bag with a cross-body strap is great to keep your hands free.  It can also hold your sweater/blazer/scarf, etc. as you need to peel off layers
  • A cute, embellished flat will keep your feet happy all day long. If you feel the need to be extra chic, try a wedge to give yourself some height, but make sure you'll be able to walk around and stand in them for hours on end

A few more tips:

  • Wear neutral colors
  • Avoid anything too fussy, i.e. buckles, zippers, anything too tight, etc
  • Opt for minimal accessories on shopping days
  • A quick touch of makeup will make you feel great.  When you look, good you feel good and your shopping experience will be that much better (we promise)!
  • And, lastly, please leave your tracksuits and baggy t-shirts at home.  You can easily look chic while shopping, even during the heat of summer