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  • Dec122016
    rothy's travel flats

    The Perfect Travel Shoe

    In the month of November alone, no less than 12 of my clients have purchased (and then extolled) my recommendation…

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  • Mar042016

    Ready for the Weekend: Flats & Handbag

    It's the weeeeekend baby! And the perfect time to think about how to amp up your everyday style or, better yet, how…

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  • Oct062015

    4 Perfect Pair for the Professional Woman

    Did you catch me on Good Morning Washington this morning dishing on the four pairs of shoes every professional woman…

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  • Apr282015

    Step Lightly into Spring: Flats (Part 3/5)

    I now wear them more than I ever imagined but, for others they are the go-to so let's plan to…

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  • Nov042013

    Ballet Flats Are Boring…Not!

    Ballet flats can be boring - we've all seen those - but the last year or so has seen flats…

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  • Aug282013

    Thanks Mizhattan for Leopard Print Shoes

    While I love leopard print, this post is 100% inspired by a fellow style blogger, Mizhattan because it just made…

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  • Nov202012

    My $99 Marshall’s Find: Feeling Blue Today

    I'm part of Lucky Magazine's Style Collective and I was given an assignment - head to Marshall's, find something stylish,…

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  • Feb022012

    Spring Color Assistance

    Who's taking part in any of the spring color explosion? It doesn't matter if it's the bright florals, or the…

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  • Nov082011

    STYLE Craving

    I am a high heel girl, but if I have to do flats I want them to be stylish and…

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  • May272011

    Sizzlin’ Summer Style Q&A: Beach Wedding Attire

    Q: Wedding season is about to begin.  For a beach or poolside wedding, is there any such thing as too…

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  • May032011

    Summer Style Q&A: A Good Shopping Outfit for Summer

    Q: What is a good shopping outfit for the summer? A: Thanks for the great question, Adrianne B!!  Putting on…

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  • Jan212010

    Because Black is a Basic

    I have been on the proverbial 'hunt' for a basic black flat shoe that would not look basic, could be…

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  • Dec282009

    Top 5 Items to Own Before Year-End

    These items are no surprise but if you don't have them, starting off the year stylish and chic will be…

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  • Jul282009

    Kicking Off Shoe Week: Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Thee!

    Recently I was golfing with a friend in Miami and had the good fortune to have great company and good…

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