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Kicking Off Shoe Week: Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Thee!

Kicking Off Shoe Week: Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Thee!
2009/07/28 Maya H.

Recently I was golfing with a friend in Miami and had the good fortune to have great company and good conversation.  I had to purchase golf shoes for the outing and as I looked down at them on a lengthy Par 5 (the new Nike Women's Air Summer Lite II happen to be the lightest and best ventilated shoe out!), I smiled inside and giggled on the outside....I loved my new golf shoes!!  During our conversation, we somehow got on the subject of love and I said that "I know I'm in love when I can look across the room and I get giddy inside...." - low and behold that's the same feeling I have when I'm shoe MUST BE LOVE!!

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That purchase and conversation is what prompted me to kick off (no pun intended) my week dedicated to shoes and all things even remotely related to them!

I've now come to grips with my love affair with shoes!  I love them because the skinny heels make me feel sexy; the flats give me a flash of earthy bohemian on the rare occasion I feel out of touch with my inner-Freddy; the structured 3.5 inch heel reminds me that I can turn any meal into a 'power lunch'; the wedges whisper to me to 'pound the pavement' and stomp anything in my path; my sneakers remind me that old habits die hard - I can't kick my inner-tomboy to the curb; my flip flops, although I don't where them as much anymore, transport me to a sunny beach town where I reminisce of pina coladas and lazy afternoons; my lace-ups scream that I can do anything a man can do (not that I want to) and look better doing it; the skinny high-heel, tall boot challenges me to hold on to my oft-time repressed dominatrix; and of course my clogs reaffirm my belief that comfort and ugly-fashion can be hip too!

My ode to shoes has led me to share some of my favorites...some I have, others I still pine for but, either way, they allow me to move from work to play, summer to fall to winter, sexy to sophisticated, simple and casual to edgy and well-dressed...just have a looksy and ogle with me.


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