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  • Sep302015

    Work Pumps: Anything But Ordinary #ElevatedEssentials

    Work pumps don't have to be boring. In fact, work pumps should signal you mean business and, in spite of…

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  • Sep022015
    heels, bow ties,

    BIG Entrance: Bow Tie Heels

    They're fun. They're fanciful. They're statement-making. They have bow ties! They're under $35!

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  • May122015

    Step Lightly into Spring: After-hours Heels (Part 5/5)

    This is clearly my favorite category because I'm a heels-girl but also because we're talking about the shoes you sport…

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  • May052015

    Step Lightly into Spring: Work Pumps (Part 4/5)

    You're not quite sure how to usher in spring during the week so you err on the side of being…

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  • Mar312015

    Style Challenge: I’m a Professional Who Wants to Push the Limits

    Are you the woman who lives by day in a professional and fairly conservative work environment but your inner fashionista…

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  • Jul132012

    Pumped About This Pump

    I get lots of emails and when I saw two other blogs featuring this shoe, I had to get in…

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  • Apr052012

    Trend: Capped Toe Shoes

    It could be a passing phase but I doubt it ~ toe capped shoes. Most designers have them including YSL,…

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  • Dec282009

    Top 5 Items to Own Before Year-End

    These items are no surprise but if you don't have them, starting off the year stylish and chic will be…

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  • Jul282009

    Kicking Off Shoe Week: Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Thee!

    Recently I was golfing with a friend in Miami and had the good fortune to have great company and good…

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