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Top 5 Items to Own Before Year-End

Top 5 Items to Own Before Year-End
2009/12/28 Maya H.

These items are no surprise but if you don't have them, starting off the year stylish and chic will be difficult. Ladies, as you hit the stores and online sales, please remember that the basics are the building blocks to a fabulous wardrobe.  Do you have yours? If you want helping locating or purchasing any of these items, click here.  They include:

  1. Black sheath dress: Mrs. O rocks a different one at least once a week, and the working woman can pair it with a blazer during the day, or a wrap in the evening along with some funky jewelry for fun!
  2. White button-down shirt: you can never have enough of these.  Wear them alone, under a blazer or sweater,on top of a tee or camisole, under a sheath dress, noted at the end for a little 'grease lightening'!  Tip: the nicer ones have more substantial collars......
  3. Pencil skirt: whether it's part of a suit or not, a pencil skirt can go anywhere.  Think materials like Super 120s or wool gabardine that can be worn year-round, and you're in business.  My favorite is charcoal grey but just make sure it's a solid (no pinstripes or chalk stripes, or embellishments)
  4. Trench coat: why else did Aquascutum and Burberry start with these coats?  Because they knew how essential they were --  a quality trench (expect to pay around $400) that hits at or just below the knee can go from work to play to weekends without missing a beat.
  5. Straight-leg jeans: skinny jeans aren't made for (everyone, bootcuts create to much bulk at your foot to look chic with some heels -- a pair of straight-legs can be worn with flats, heels and tucked inside boots!

With two purses (a shoulder bag and clutch), 3 pairs of shoes (my croc-embossed gunmetal Tory Burch flats, leopard-print heels, and black high-heel boots), and a host of jewelry, I can go anywhere for a long weekend.  Can you?