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  • May222020

    clogs: they’re earthy stylish but are they good for you?

    I’m a huge fan of clogs and it started, in earnest, when I was traveling almost everyday as a health…

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  • Nov132015

    Ready for the Weekend: Boot Out Bad Vibes

    It's time to kick the week to the curb! I don't know about you but my week has been a…

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  • Mar032010

    Ready for Spring?

    A tad pricey at $398 but, this Heeled lace up Jodhpur by Swedish Hasbeens is ideal for transitioning from winter…

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  • Jul282009

    Kicking Off Shoe Week: Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Thee!

    Recently I was golfing with a friend in Miami and had the good fortune to have great company and good…

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