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Ready for the Weekend: Flats & Handbag

Ready for the Weekend: Flats & Handbag
2016/03/04 Better Blueprint

The Ora

It's the weeeeekend baby! And the perfect time to think about how to amp up your everyday style or, better yet, how to add some flavor into your standard denim look because you know it's what you're going to wear.

Enter stage left: at first, I wasn't loving M. Gemi's Ora flat but the more I looked and played around, the more I started to love it. My favorite feature besides the gorgeous red color!!! is that they're created using the sacchetto method (the leather is sewn into one piece and then turned inside out so the seams don't irritate the foot).

Continue on by adding a pop of flavor with your coordinating handbag - this accordion bag by Banana Republic is at the top of the list! Truth be told - I was instantly drawn to the Daisy accordion bag because it's navy and has a floral print but it's not leather (boo!).

BR red accordion bag


And then top it off with your trench coat! Until now, I've been a J.Crew fan then I got a peek at the Everlane trench coat and I'm ready to jump on their bandwagon. If you thought you didn't need it for the weekend, spring is coming and it will be your go-to coat for the next 3 months!!

Your weekend combo is here: red flats & handbag and trench coat.....