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During these Times, We Need to Cinch our Financial Belt

During these Times, We Need to Cinch our Financial Belt
2009/09/05 Maya H.

Once Upon A Belt websiteAs a self-proclaimed fashionista and shopper-extraordinaire that means finding ways to look stylish and sophisticated while practicing chic-onomics....enter accessories!  While my shopping addiction has been known to include clothing of all kinds, anyone who knows me knows I love shoes, jewelry and purses more than anything else!  Recently, in my hot-and-heavy pursuit of chic-onomics at the behest of my readers, I have expanded my roving shoppers eye to include other accessories among them belts!

Indeed a belt can change your perspective on the much-talked about life of chic-onomics.  Imagine a simple black pencil skirt with a white button-down shirt....and a croc-embossed grey wide leather belt (and grey shoes)!  Or a full long jean skirt (if Boho is you) and a lean plaid short...and a bright red slim belt that sits low on the waist (with some tall tawny leather boots!)  You get the picture....

I say all this to say, check out the Once Upon a Belt website for any and every type of belt you could imagine!  This UK-based site has now, officially, made it into my online rolodex!.