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  • Nov092015

    Accessories Make The Outfit

    There aren't many gamechangers out there for guys so, know this: everyone looks at your tie (bowtie) and pocket square.…

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  • Nov032014

    MANLy Monday: Two Telling Tie Truths

    Ties are one of the most important fashion accessories for men. Unlike ladies where we can use handbags, shoes, jewelry,…

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  • Feb242014
    men's ties

    MANly Facts: Ties

    When you wear a tie that is excessively patterned/overly zesty/truly eye-popping, it requires a plain shirt. Do you understand?

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  • Dec172011

    Mixed Feelings & Patterns

    If you’re going to do mixed patterns, one should be more pronounced than the other Holiday season = party season…

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  • Sep142011

    Tie A Ribbon Around The ‘Old Oak Tree’

    A quick bit of style advice regarding which width tie to wear when.... Wide is wack and out-of-date (look around,…

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  • Jun142011

    An Easy Win (or Tie) for Father’s Day!

    This grey summer wool tie is available at Figs today only for $60 (normally $75)! An ideal addition to the…

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  • May182011

    Tone Down the Top for Day Two

    Gents- you all have button-down shirts or sport shirts that you pack for the long weekend, but somehow they always…

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  • Apr192011

    Flaunt Floral for Spring

    I had the chance to go to Final Four in Houston, TX a few weeks ago and had a blast!…

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  • Nov152010

    A Man’s Power Accessory: The Tie

    Yet another fabulous shot by David Lewis Taylor for Four Seasons Magazine.  The pieces were artfully selected by Mark Grischke…

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  • Sep302010

    NYC Freebie

    Free men's ties in NYC at Tommy Hilfiger Boys Club.

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  • Jul162010

    Windsor Tie Knot

    Windsor: it's big, bold, and perfectly symmetrical - it's the ultimate tie knot (10 steps)!

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  • Jul132010

    The KELVIN Tie Knot

    Kelvin: perfect for any dress shirt...(7 steps)

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  • Jun162010

    Winner: Vittorio J Ties

    Entry Requirements: (1) post a comment about which Vittorio J tie you like the best and (2) become a Vittorio…

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  • May102010

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned…. Leave No Rock Unturned: we have yet to happen…

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  • Feb262010

    A Bright Spot on the Men’s Map

    Brightly striped ties are the next spring trend.  Amazingly, many of the style trends for men this fall are focused…

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  • Feb192010

    Put a Bow on it to Complete Your Style

    Company: Joe Dues Where: Southern roots Who: The President is Jarvis Robertson...but he has a few 'faithfuls' throughout the country helping…

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  • Feb022010

    Start Decorating Your House for Spring

    Throughout the month of February, Blueprint for Style will be paying extra attention to men's furnishings such as ties, cufflinks,…

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  • Jan282010

    Rome Was Not Conquered in a Day

    So just start slow - and this HUGE sale at Ventuno will help you re-build your closet full of haute…

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  • Jan122010

    Winning Shirt-n-Tie Combinations

    Shirt ($415) and tie ($195) by Borelli Shirt and tie combination: a khaki and white check shirt (+) gray flannel tie…

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