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A Man’s Power Accessory: The Tie

A Man’s Power Accessory: The Tie
2010/11/15 Maya H.

Yet another fabulous shot by David Lewis Taylor for Four Seasons Magazine.  The pieces were artfully selected by Mark Grischke and I wanted to share.

Ties have been around since King Louis XIV, but never have they been such an important part of completing a man's ensemble.  At Blueprint for Style, we love the bow tie but recognize the four-in-hands as the staple with a business suit especially in conservative DC and the perfect compliment to a black suit in place of a tuxedo.


[pictured items include Alexander Olch's reversible silk tie | Canali's silk hand-embroidered polka dots | J.M. Dickens for Etro's silk tie | Brioni's cashmere tie | Robert Talbott's fleur-de-lis silk print]