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Flaunt Floral for Spring

Flaunt Floral for Spring
2011/04/19 Maya H.

I had the chance to go to Final Four in Houston, TX a few weeks ago and had a blast! While there, I met a very dapper gent who, through subsequent meetings, has taught me the style value of men's floral ties. Indeed he sports them regularly and often, and to my surprise, makes them look great.  We did our research and here's what we discovered:

  • Floral ties are a fabulous alternative to the microcheck
  • The print/color usage make these ties ideal for spring to summer, and winter
  • Florals allow you the versatility to wear with multiple suits, or just add a little something extra to your standard blue
  • Barneys New York- our new hot spot for Liberty, Duchamp and Richard James floral prints

Here's a look at our faves:

Richard James Simple Flower

Duchamp Chelsea

Richard James

Liberty Christelle