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  • Dec112020
    this navy, men's Zegna sneaker is a classic sneaker with a modern twist

    for the man who wants a classic, upscale sneaker

    ...this Ermenegildo Zegna triple stitch classic sneaker is your answer One of my recent male client's received his…

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  • Aug112018

    Zesty Men’s Footwear

    If you know anything about #fashion or claim to know then, as a man, you should be familiar with Nick Wooster.…

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  • May162018

    Upscale Men’s Boat Shoes

    Apparently, boat shoes are ALL the rage right now but they can look a bit 'suburban' so the upscale, city…

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  • Jan182017

    men’s winter must-have

    Make 2017 the year you know the rules but focus on which ones you should break --- personal style should…

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  • Feb052016

    Allen Edmonds Sale

    Fellas - if you have nothing to do or even if you do, click here....

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  • Oct272014

    MANly Monday: A Lesson in Toe Caps

    The shoe options are kinda endless for guys but the thing we see first is that toe it peaks…

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  • Mar032014
    esquivel-wingtip-men's shoes-footwear

    Monday MANifesto: The Tale of Two Shoes

    Two shoes. One pair. Must have for any man to possess dignity, self-worth, and pride. The answer: Esquivel davis wingtip…

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  • Oct282013
    men's footwear, brent to boot new york

    Men’s Fall Footwear: The Black Bootie

    Bootie may not sound macho but the boot is. We've gone with To Boot New York (again) but there are…

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  • Oct212013

    Men’s Fall Footwear: The Brown Boot

    This is it. Wear it with denim or slacks. Take it on your weekend trip to Las Vegas or your…

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  • Oct152013
    To Boot New York, monk strap, mens shoes

    Best Bargain Shoes for Men

    I've gone over it time and time again, and the end result is the same, To Boot New York, pound…

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  • Apr292013
    men's shoe vamps

    Do You Have Shoe Vamps?

    Every male client I have asks "What are shoe vamps?" And then undoubtedly a quizzical look.... The answer: it's the…

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  • Apr222013
    men's must-have shoe for spring, loafer

    The Men’s Must-Have Shoe This Spring

    You guessed right if you said....the loafer is the men's must-have shoe for spring! Not just any loafer ~ it…

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  • Jan032013

    Use Your Rubbers

    Swims is the ultimate in protection (not Trojans) but, if you're interested in hanging loose, we love love love Prada's…

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  • Oct022012

    A How-To On Lacing Your Boots

    This comes directly from Mr. Porter and while we may not agree with all of their pricing, the advise they…

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  • Sep182012

    THE Shoe Purchase

    I've always been a proponent of menswear being seasonless - you dress up your investment pieces and sprinkle in a…

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  • May092012

    Not-So-Creative Sneaker Choice For Men

    The answer is Converse. It's the answer because guys don't want to spend money on "new & hot" items, they…

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  • May032012

    Worn In But Not Worn Out

    There is a pointed difference between 'worn in' and 'worn out': worn in is your favorite tee that fits, doesn't…

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  • Feb272012

    Men’s Fashion Is Women’s Style

    Sounds a bit weird, right? But the premise is easy: most men dress for the opposite sex. Ok, there are…

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  • Aug262011

    Modern Day Saddle Duckie’s

    These leather saddle shoes are a throwback with a modern twist - - - toffee leather with blue saddle detail. They…

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  • Aug252011

    adidas Ciero Lo

    I love sneakers...and I love men...and I love men in sneakers - cool sneakers that is! I am confident this…

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