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A How-To On Lacing Your Boots

A How-To On Lacing Your Boots
2012/10/02 Better Blueprint

This comes directly from Mr. Porter and while we may not agree with all of their pricing, the advise they dispense is usually dead-on.

Here are some helpful tips on tying your boots {send you back to 3rd grade doesn't it?}:

1. Be consistent with crossovers - either right over left, left or right, or alternating...but do the same thing
2. If symmetry is your thing, reverse the crossovers on the other boot
3. If done correctly, your tie should lay straight across the boot and stay tied (avoid a slip knot or granny knot)
4. Learn how to do a shoelace knot
5. Try different laces and lengths for stylish variety

Opt for criss-cross, over-under, army-style, ladder, or spiderweb - all here!