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Best Bargain Shoes for Men

Best Bargain Shoes for Men
2013/10/15 Better Blueprint

To Boot New York, monk strap, mens shoes

I've gone over it time and time again, and the end result is the same, To Boot New York, pound for pound, has some of the best contemporary shoes for men.

Whew- I said it!

Yes- there is always Ferragamo, Cole Haan, John Lobb but right now To Boot New York is killin' it.

The leather is quality. The styles are contemporary. The selection is varied but well curated. The lasting factor is there too.

For fall, the best shoe to own for the professional male who doesn't always have to be in a suit is a double monk strap. And while everyone knows how I feel about cognac shoes for men, black, dark grey or maroon have it for fall/winter.

monk strap, mens footwear