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Monday MANifesto: The Tale of Two Shoes

Monday MANifesto: The Tale of Two Shoes
2014/03/03 Better Blueprint

Two shoes. One pair. Must have for any man to possess dignity, self-worth, and pride.

The answer: Esquivel davis wingtip

While most of my male readers are professionals and possess an ample shoe closet, there are still some who live a life that doesn't require a dress shoe or slacks on a daily basis. Or perhaps their life of leisure means dressing up is an "occasion" rather than a necessity. For those gents, you can begin to build a shoe closet if you'd like, or you can simply start (and possibly finish) with these lace-ups.

  • with a pair of rolled up denim and a microcheck shirt
  • at an outdoor spring wedding with navy blue dress pant, plain white shirt, and brown check blazer
  • a date night with 'ole girl' in the summer - khaki shorts and a polo shirt for a cigar bar
  • traveling to the 'left coast' for a weekend of fun with the fellas

I dare you to find an occasion where this shoe won't make a statement even if you never say a word.....!

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