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Worn In But Not Worn Out

Worn In But Not Worn Out
2012/05/03 Better Blueprint

There is a pointed difference between 'worn in' and 'worn out': worn in is your favorite tee that fits, doesn't have holes and just looks like it's traveled a few miles while, worn out are the sweats you wear around the house with holes in unmentionable locations and a waistband whose glory days have come and gone {let them go!}.

Today we look at worn in weekend footwear: oxfords and loafers. Saturdays, weekends and vacations are about relaxation, and there's nothing relaxing about tight dress shoes, or older lace ups that you've 'converted' into weekend shoes. Our favorites for ease and style are Polo Ralph Lauren Telly loafers ($99) and Sperry Top-Sider suede casual boat shoes ($90).

Bonus: today's selection is all from Piperlime which means it's free shipping and free returns, so have them delivered and spend the weekend trying them on to see what works best!

Purchase your favorite pair and then share your style selection with us!