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How-to Do Casual

How-to Do Casual
2012/05/03 Better Blueprint

The problem: Saturdays automatically signal "casual" but you want to be slightly sexy/cute too, right? High heels with jeans work ~ but it can be a bit overdone especially if everyone else is realllly casual. Sneakers definitely say casual but not fem.

The solution: the Ash Bowie sneaker! It's a sneaker so it's comfortable and signals casual but it's sleek and has a wedge so it creates a slightly sexier silhouette that says feminine & fab but fun.

My favorite is the Bowie in black/stone suede {it works with all of my leggings and jeans but the blue adds a touch of easy color, and the stone color grounds the combination}.

Currently they're running $235 on the Ash site, but we found them for $225 at Urban Outfitters (actually they're an extra 10% off thru May 20th with code SPRINGIT). They come in 7 color/combos and while they're more than your average sneaker, one pair will be your road trip solution, Saturday hang out answer, and errand running (no pun intended) panacea!!