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Handmade Haute Shoes

Handmade Haute Shoes
2012/05/03 Better Blueprint
  • What I love about Kathryn Amberleigh's shoes: that they're handmade means, unlike machine manufactured {which has their place as well}, they take into account the form of the foot and when worn, even the heels kinda cradle your foot just a littel extra...
  • Stars love Kathryn Kim's shoes: "Alexa Chung likes the 3113 stacked heel wedge. Miranda Kerr is partial to the 3152 linen bootie. Emmanuelle Alt can't get enough of the 7124 thigh high."
  • They're one-of-a-kind and handmade
  • They cover the gamut in colors, textures and fabrics
  • She's got two freestanding stores: Nolita store in NYC and the newest addition on West 3rd in LA. Online too!
  • Prices range from $200-$700 with most being $300-$400
  • My favorites: K403B nude snake {appeals to my sensible, businesswomen side}; 3100 cream snake {still demure because of the slingback but reveals a bit of power-to-the-punch}; and 3114 grey {summer everyday power sandal that says 'I'm playing but I'm saying"}

Which are your favorite? If we know, we maaaaay be able to hook you up...