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Monday MANifesto: Sock vs No Sock

Monday MANifesto: Sock vs No Sock
2014/03/31 Better Blueprint

That is the question...

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The answer? Do whatcha like...kinda. In reality though, socks for men are a must in the workplace. No self-respecting man will go into an office wearing a well-fitted suit and awesome shoes, and no socks. I don't see it. Plus they offer an opportunity to get  a little jiggy with your look.

In addition to the self-respecting part, think about the weather. If it's cold, rainy or snowing, it's just dumb. Why freeze when you can be warmer, right? If it's sunny, hot, or humid, your feet are likely sweating up a storm inside your shoes - uncool!

That leads to the third pint - general shoe care or maintenance would have you wear socks to avoid the breeding of microbes and whatnot in your shoes, or even the proliferation of foot fungus. This is a hygiene issue.

After all that's been said, there is a cool factor in not wearing socks on occasion - when you entertain in your house, there's no need for socks. When you're running out for a quick breakfast with the bros and you're sporting your boat shoes, definitely don't wear socks. When it's casual Friday in early summer and your brightly colored dockers are the highlight, no shoe required.

In the end, it's a question of casual vs. more formal - at work, wear socks and the other situations, it's your call. So let's get on the good foot and sport your best and brightest sock with pride!


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