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  • Jul312017

    an acquired taste…or smell

    This Malin & Goetz deodorant has a cult following -- but it's not for everyone. It's both alcohol+aluminum-free and uses eucalyptus…

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  • Mar282017

    tame your beard

    Facial hair is everywhere....literally! And, as a woman, it's easy to admit that it adds a certain je ne sais…

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  • Aug012016

    The Scent of a Man

    Traditional summer scents are crisp, fruity/citrus-y, and typically don't last all day....until now! I've tried three of five fragrances pictured…

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  • Apr282014

    MANly Monday: Black Tie Tutorial

    It's always the season for black tie but unless you're in the mix often, you can sometimes forget what's what…

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  • Mar312014

    Monday MANifesto: Sock vs No Sock

    That is the question... The answer? Do whatcha like...kinda. In reality though, socks for men are a must in the…

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  • Jun182013
    summer feet, foot maintenance, footwear

    Feet Can Stink

    Given it's summer and we're adding heat to the mix, feet can stink therefore, it's essential to avoid 'the stank'!…

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  • Aug102012

    The Best Shave Ever!

    Your face is your calling card; and if you're calling card is wrinkled, dirty, road-weary, or just not fresh, who's…

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  • Jul202012

    Dopp Kit Contents

    We've been doing some informal (read: stealth) recon on the contents of men's dopp kits, and we wanted to give…

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  • Jun292012

    Summer Skin Care for Men

    Fellas ~ summer means you can see the ladies out showing more skin, but it also means you're likely going…

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  • Jun092011

    For Every Single Man…Who Wants to Mingle

    Whatever you do, don't be a slave to fashion rules.  Rather be mindful of the spirit of the rule and…

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  • Jun082010

    Talking Style

    Fellas, here's a quick conversation tip: know your audience!  Your boys get the X-rated version and your coworkers get the…

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  • Jun072010

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    A stylish start to the week from last week's lessons learned..... 'Footloose' and Fancy Free: Let go of the (hot)…

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  • Mar152010

    The Manly Basics of Fragrance

    Think small The life span of a bottle of cologne is one year.  Even if you haven't gone through the…

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