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The Best Shave Ever!

The Best Shave Ever!
2012/08/10 Better Blueprint

Your face is your calling card; and if you're calling card is wrinkled, dirty, road-weary, or just not fresh, who's going to want it? No matter the season, climate, or apparatus, we've done our research to provide the top keys to getting the best shave ever:

  1. You've got to soften the skin ~ this is using a pre-shave because you need your products to tenderize and penetrate the skin
  2. For double-edge razors, you must have the razor angled at least to 30 degrees.
  3. You need to clean your apparatus regularly (whether brush, razor, tweezer, etc)
  4. When shaving, shave with the grain
  5. Don't use soap before shaving - rather use a dedicated facial cleanser or scrub (to ensure you're not bringing all of the craziness from your bar of soap onto your face)
  6. Warm up the face literally [aka open the pores] to help avoid razor bumps
  7. If your shaving routine takes less than 10-15 minutes, you're likely not dedicating enough time to the process
  8. Consider different products if you get ingrown hairs frequently or have a lot of dryness ~ you have sensitive skin!
  9. Against popular convention, unless you are SUPER hairy, shaving every other day should be plenty and allows the face to recuperate [after all, you are scalping it!]
  10. If you have a beard, you actually need to wash and condition it {it's hair!}