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MANly Monday: Black Tie Tutorial

MANly Monday: Black Tie Tutorial
2014/04/28 Better Blueprint

article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a08-75-sa-constitutes-blacktie-attire-800x800It's always the season for black tie but unless you're in the mix often, you can sometimes forget what's what and how to handle that tricky invite wording!

Here is the easiest version of what you need to know:

  • Black tie/black tie required = a fairly formal event and guests dress accordingly. The term "black tie" means guests are expected to wear tuxedos, bow "ties" and formal gowns, which are most often floor length (ladies)
  • Black tie optional = you can take it down a notch and a very dark suit (black or navy) with a standard tie or a bow tie works. Stick with classic tailoring for these types of events
  • White tie = THE formal affair and nothing short of the standard 'penguin suit' will do; this is pulling out the best-of-the-best!
  • All the rest = look nice, read the invitation correctly, consider the time of day and location, and when in doubt, rock a dark navy blue suit

Now you're ready....just make sure your partner is too!