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Socks & Hosiery

Socks & Hosiery
2024/03/23 Better Blueprint

Socks & Hosiery

Always at the bottom, socks and hosiery are unsung heroes!

They offer support, they are prone to ripping spontaneously, and they are rarely used other than in cold weather or special occasions, but they can do so much!

There are three reasons to rock hosiery: for fashion, warmth, or coverage, and until recently, most people used them simply for warmth. Well, no more!

The sheer ones can look awesome with heels. The mid-calf socks add a new dimension to sneakers and hi-tops. Thigh highs are just pure sexiness and make escape much quicker! Not to mention every professional woman needs a pair of micro fishnet stockings for work - yes, I said it!

There are a few surprises so check this out!