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Haute Hanes Hosiery For My LBD

Haute Hanes Hosiery For My LBD
2013/04/23 Better Blueprint

Hanes, hosiery, legwear, stockings, thigh highs

{Hanes thigh-highs}

Yes. Tights, stockings and thigh highs are perfect for spring because warm during the day and cooler in the evening means you need to be prepared! So, if you're like I am, you normally wear black tights with your black clothing -- very rarely (read: never) do I have on dark tights and a lighter outfit.

And if you're like I am again then you don't really like hosiery a lot, so you're always looking for options ~ Hanes has thigh-highs and they're under $6! In my pictures, I am sporting their thigh highs  and they are the perfect option for those of us who dread hosiery.

thigh highs, hosiery, Hanes, #Hanes247

{Hanes thigh-highs worn with my LBD}

Every LBD {little black dress} deserves a haute pair of legs and hosiery, and with Hanes your spring LBD will be ready for the runway. What I like most? When it's warm, I'm not sweating and they are almost itch-free! Try a pair and you'll be hoppin' on the good foot like I was!

Hanes, hosiery, thigh-highs

{Hanes & my LBD}

Another plus: I've tried other thigh-highs and they were never quite high enough. These Hanes ones went up far enough and gripped enough to 'stay the course' the entire day. Ready, set, rock the walkway!!

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