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  • Mar232024

    Socks & Hosiery

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  • Apr232013
    thigh highs, hosiery, Hanes, #Hanes247

    Haute Hanes Hosiery For My LBD

    Yes. Tights, stockings and thigh highs are perfect for spring because warm during the day and cooler in the evening…

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  • Nov082012

    Winter Warm For Your Legs

    Across the next week or so, I'll be sharing a couple of posts related to my standard winter/cold weather uniform…

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  • Oct312012

    Style Tip: Legs

    If you work in a more creative environment, you can add a touch of zest to your look with colored…

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  • Oct252011

    Glam Gams

      Because we go through them like water, our recommendation is to never exceed about $20 per pair unless we're…

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