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Glam Gams

Glam Gams
2011/10/25 Better Blueprint


Wolford fun fishnet tights

Because we go through them like water, our recommendation is to never exceed about $20 per pair unless we're talking about a special occasion or Wolford's (for some strange reason, they seem to last forever but you'll definitely pay for it!). Opt for ASOS [online] or if you must go in-store, Nordstrom has quite the selection of tights, stockings and hosiery to make any fall/winter outfit zesty! Check out our favorites.....

A few style notes:

  • As a starting point, opt for something with texture (see examples) in a neutral color
  • Conversely, try tights with a little color but keep them opaque (option 1 or 2)
  • With a shorter skirt and heels, textured tights look edgier but tone them down by wearing pants instead
  • Prints like hearts or embellishments like bows are not workplace friendly!

Gipsy diamond tights

ASOS racey lacey tights