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What’s Your Vacation Drink?

What’s Your Vacation Drink?
2011/10/26 Better Blueprint
Gooseneck garment bag

We do things that are contrary at Blueprint for Style! Today is my birthday and even though I'm heading off on a quick vacation (we'll be back on Monday), I'm trying to hook you all up! We love Blue Claw Co and since they've added a few new fabulous pieces to their lineup, we thought it was time to giveaway another stylish travel item for the dapper don.

Here are the giveaway parameters:

  • Contest will run today through November 4th; winner will be announced on November 7th
  • Answer the question, "What does every man need for stylish travel & what is your drink of choice?"
  • "Like" Blue Claw Co on Facebook
  • If you want an extra shot at winning...... tweet I travel to exotic location with my @BlueClawCo garment bag #BfStravelBCC

 If you get a chance, you can also read more about Adam B, the founder of Blue Claw Co right here!