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  • Jul202012

    Dopp Kit Contents

    We've been doing some informal (read: stealth) recon on the contents of men's dopp kits, and we wanted to give…

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  • Nov072011

    Drinking & Vacationing In Style

    We don't want too much suspense....but we've got to create some! The winner of our Blue Claw Co garment bag giveaway…

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  • Nov072011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Today we announce the winner of the Blue Claw Co garment bag! This week we'll be doing Steps 2-5 of…

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  • Oct272011

    Blog Away….

    Since it's my birthday, I'm going away...and won't be providing any stylish insights or information until next week. In the…

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  • Oct262011

    What’s Your Vacation Drink?

    Gooseneck garment bag We do things that are contrary at Blueprint for Style! Today is my birthday and even though…

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  • Aug232011

    Winner: Blue Claw Dopp Kit

    First off, we were supposed to announce this without further adieu, the winner of the Blue Claw Co dopp…

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  • Aug152011

    Think Exotic Thoughts With Your Blue Claw Dopp Kit

    While dopp kits are a gentleman's travel accessory, we welcome the ladies to go 'all out' for their man! Blueprint…

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