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  • May172013

    “Runway” Ready: Traveling In Style

    I've figured out that I spend approximately 42% of my time traveling including local and overseas. Therefore, I'm always searching…

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  • Jan282012

    Fly By With Less Surprise

    I'm a traveler and since lots of you are too, the new Department of Transporation rules that require airlines to show…

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  • Dec172011

    Travel in Style

    The Holidays and New Years are quickly approaching, but we get a bit misty-eyed when we recall how stylishly people used…

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  • Nov162011

    OMG (No Pun Intended)- The Winner Is…

    We had another fabulous response to the Lo & Sons contest. Reading through all of the comments this morning and…

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  • Nov072011

    Drinking & Vacationing In Style

    We don't want too much suspense....but we've got to create some! The winner of our Blue Claw Co garment bag giveaway…

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  • Oct262011

    Think ‘Travel Chic’

    ML Traveler (in Cannes) One of my favorite accessory designers is Stephanie Johnson and because it's my birthday, I decided to…

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  • Oct262011

    What’s Your Vacation Drink?

    Gooseneck garment bag We do things that are contrary at Blueprint for Style! Today is my birthday and even though…

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  • Oct212011

    The World’s Greatest Travel Bag!

    I know most of my readers are travelers, so I know you're going to love this bag as much as…

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  • Jul212010

    Traveling in Style: Bags

    The cool part about writing this segment on traveling in style is that it's less about the clothes you wear…

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  • Jul162010

    Next Week: We’re Getting Ready to Travel!

    All next week, we're dedicated to getting everyone ready to 'hit the road' in style.  Get ready - we're gonna…

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