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“Runway” Ready: Traveling In Style

“Runway” Ready: Traveling In Style
2013/05/17 Better Blueprint
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{traveling in style with Lands' End Canvas}

I've figured out that I spend approximately 42% of my time traveling including local and overseas. Therefore, I'm always searching for clothes that will transition from climate to climate, hold up after seven hours of coach, and shoes that will move effortlessly from foot to grey bin back to foot quickly (in case I'm running late). I shared my angst with Lands' End and Lands' End Canvas and came up with five runway-ready pieces for your spring travel:

Scarf ~ we've gone through this before but, really when isn't a scarf handy (this one can even double as a pretty beach coverup)
Fun shoes ~ I chose these because they slip on and off (so no bending to tie them up) and they have athletic bottoms for my OJ-style runs from gate to gate
Blazer ~ no matter if I'm going on vacation or otherwise, a blazer adds instant polish and in the right color/material will make cold airplanes bearable
A print ~ over the years, I've come to embrace the bennys of a print item that can be worn with multiple items [read: coordination] and on multiple days of necessary
Navy blue ~ hello, stop playing like you don't know navy blue is my favorite color. The top will work as a breakfast throw-on with some shorts or for dinner with a flowy skirt.

Lands' End really wanted my downtime to be great and even threw in a handy insulated wine carrier (clearly they knew Julia and I too well) and gorgeous, brightly hued beach towels!

Ready, set, reset!!