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Spec-tacularly Styled Eyeglasses

Spec-tacularly Styled Eyeglasses
2013/05/15 Better Blueprint

{Rivet & Sway Tusk eyeglasses}

If you're an eyeglasses (or contact lenses) wearer, you should understand the gravity of selecting the right pair of spectacles - they are with you day in and day out. Typically, you don't have the luxury of "matching" them to your outfits, so the objective should be to find specs that rep your overall style aesthetic pr personality.

Don't know what your style is - see me

Don't know what specs work for your face - see your Rivet & Sway personal stylist

I did a previous post asking for you feedback and you gave me some good insights - thanks! This time I put on my "big girl" stylist shoes and made the final decision on my own...


Tusk wins!!!