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Glasses = Signature Style

Glasses = Signature Style
2012/03/15 Better Blueprint

I have a few clients with glasses and we've done a bit of glasses shopping. What some folks don't know (or don't remember) is that I wear glasses too! Well ~ technically, I've been in contacts for 20+ years, but you get the picture.... I headed to to peruse the site and actually liked it!

GlassesUSA is a fabulous alternative if you need spec at a reduced price...becuase who doesn't want something for less {read: cheap glasses}?! I checked out the website in detail and here's what I found:

  • the selection is huge
  • the Virtual Mirror feature is awesome! {check it out above}
  • everything is super reasonable!
  • besides being super cheap, with code LUCKY50, you can get 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses or just get 10% off with code BLOG10

I tried on a few pairs but feel in love with the Estelle ($48)! Whatdya think?