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My Scent Obsession…With Laundry Detergent!

My Scent Obsession…With Laundry Detergent!
2015/07/25 Better Blueprint

When Monica gets here, she’s not going to be happy with this smell….

Oh Monica, your place always smells so yummy when I visit. What is that scent?

Hey, it smells pretty good in here. What’s the deal?!

The first is my brother-in-law talking to my sister who is cleaning out her new office space.

The second is one (of many comments) from a girlfriend upon entering my house.....

The last is a male friend who couldn’t care less but something clearly caught his attention....

What I’ve come to understand and accept is that while my nose may not be super-sensitive (I’m not a super smeller or anything like that) but, I love love love things to smell yummy! As I understand from my sporadic reading of such articles, your olfactory sense has deep memory and is quite powerful when creating memories. I get it – I am in love with things that smell good.

Gain Flings, detergent

I spend countless hours searching for the right candles for my house; and I mean different scents for different rooms. I sniff towels when I’m a guest (isn’t that rude?!) to see if they smell “fresh”. As a matter of fact, I smell mine when they come out of the dryer to make sure they smell yummy.

[Secretly….if I’ve just finished a load of towels or linen in the winter, I’ll throw them on my bed and get “under” them. Is that weird?!]

Anyway, I’m sharing all of my idiosyncrasies because you need to know I have a love affair with scents but, equally as important, with Gain/Tide pods! The new Tide pods are a "three-fer" with Oxiboost, detergent, and Febreze all in one little pod. I tried and they are officially my new home addiction.

Clean scent, yummy smelling and fresh clothing and linen- WINNING!! Try them once and, like me, become obsessed. I love my new Tide Pods because I now don't have to "remember" the Oxi and the Febreze- it's all together. My scent obsession has been satisfied.

My last two notes just in case you didn't realize this post was for you...

Dear Forgetful- REMEMBER Gain Flings!

Dear Busy Professional- don't even worry about running around the store last minute, go straight for the laundry aisle and then beeline home!

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