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#roadtrip in DC and to Philly

#roadtrip in DC and to Philly
2017/10/18 Better Blueprint

Roadtrip! Roadtrip! Roadtrip!

As soon as Toyota dropped off my new Lexus NX, I was in love and all I could think of was the roadtrip I wanted to take that weekend....alas, it never happened. I caught a cold and the bed became my only adventure.

But they decided to let me keep it a few days longer and the middle console charging pad and sleek design of this beauty became my travel companion as I headed to the #BeBrilliant Leadership Retreat in Philly.

Y'all I drove that car up and down the 'mean streets of DC' like there was no tomorrow ~ and the ride was smooth and easy, the pick-up was effortless (I did hit a few highways just to push the pedal to the metal.....), and the features like the pilot-style controls and aerodynamic body were just fun!

The more professional view/pic is pictured below....